Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dry Wall...Semi Fail

So this was a good learning experience.  We are terrible drywallers, well kinda.  I think we would do a ton better next time, but at least it was a closet, which I think had a large part to do with this not turning out perfectly.  I mean we chose a slanted ceiling in a 3 foot wide closet as our first attempt.  I would call us overly confident.  Plus most of the drywalling we can't take credit for because we were not the ones who did the walls.  Thank goodness for wall decor ;). 
Just in case you forgot what it used to look like.

What we learned while drywalling...
1.  Do not try to be cheap on the amount of putty you use.  Slab it up there.  You can always sand it back. 

2.  When doing drywall, make sure the pieces are as close as you can possibly get them. 
3.  When doing the taping/paper, put a ton of putty underneath so that it sticks well.  Once dryed, if it doesn't look flush with the wall, then rip it up and do it again.  Worth try two.

Ok so here is a picture of the roofing with the lights in!  Not perfect (I secretly hid the imperfections with this camera view...ahhhhahahah), but a good play space and safe.  Apparently, she even knows how to turn the lights on and off!  The light switch is actually just a perfect height for her to reach. Love it!

Michael put down the tiles a few days ago.  We will give you guys a better picture later on, but we have to say that we are huge fans of carpet tiles.  Cheaper than regular carpet, plus you just peel and stick.  It can't get easier than that!
Hopefully, we will completely finish it in the next week or so.  It is hard getting stuff done in the place that she needs to sleep.  Usually, one of us works and the other watches her, so we don't have a ton of open time to get stuff done in there.  No rush though. 

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