Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Collins

This weekend our friends from Statesville came to see us!  It was such a great time to spend with them.  We are truly blessed to have them as our friends. We grew up with these two, started dating about the same time, got married a few months apart, and now they are about to have a baby girl!  Just love it!  Just wish we lived closer though!  Here is a trip down memory lane from our wedding.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a picture of just Meredith and I.  Always group shots or someone randomly between us.  I guess this counts.  Also, I did wear white, this was just taken before I changed.  Ps....Meredith if you have one you should send it to me!
And this is the only picture I have of just Andrew and Michael. ahhhh haha.
And this is their wedding.  Photos made a little more sense here.
Ok here are the pictures from this past weekend.  We had a blast with you three :)!
Yeah we had a groupon for a round of mini golf and a waffle cone.  Best groupon ever!

Me and the hubs.  Notice the beard!  ITS BAAAAACK!

I think this is a better "family" photo than we even have!

Love their faces.  Cracks me up!
 Thanks for coming!

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