About Me

I'm Leslie Dearman. My husband is Michael and we have a little girl, Ellison. We got married right after college from the best college ever, North Carolina State University! WOLFPACK!

Exactly 1 week after our wedding or I guess the day we got back from our honeymoon, we headed to Texas for Michael to attend grad school and get educated. I worked as a teacher and coach. Our plan was for him to finish grad school, find a job, get a home, then start a family. But life as we know it does not follow our plan but God's plan. On our one year wedding anniversary, we took off on our month long road trip when two hours into the road trip we stopped at McDonalds. I took a pregnancy test and the rest you could probably guess. We were pregnant. We spent the next two days on our trip in shock (yes we did finish the trip), then the next 9 months over a toilet, then we became a family of three on February 8, 2011. And we love it. We moved again for Michael's job in June 2011 to Chattanooga, TN. We lived in a one bedroom for 4 months...a long 4 months. But then the Lord blessed us with a house, a beautiful house of my dreams. Well maybe not of my dreams, but I love it.

We will update you all of our lives on this blog, as well as some recipes, crafts, home imporvement projects, and just fun stuff. We love life, we have fun, we hope you enjoy!

The Dearmans

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