Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Ellison

It is a girl, Ellison Reese Dearman!!! We are now at 20 weeks, which means we are half way and she will be here before we know it. We are both beyond excited and scared out of our minds, but somehow the Lord keeps taking us along this new path in life. Here are some pictures of baby Ellison!
Heat rate of 146. It took a while to get the heart rate because we have a wiggler! Weight 8oz.

Profile pic of our little girl!

Saying hello! We saw her rub her face while looking at this view. She was moving all around the whole time.

And is a girl!


  1. So happy for y'all!! Love the name! Are you going to call her Elli for short?

  2. Thanks so much! Not sure yet about any nicknames...we might just stick with Ellison but we also like elli or el...???? Good question!

  3. Leslie- just found your blog & saw the exciting new! Congrats!

  4. We need more updates!!! How are you guys going and how are you feeling? So excited for you!! A girl!! Yeah! Hope you guys are doing great, we sure miss seeing you.

  5. I could not be more excited for you right now! congratulations and I hope the pregnancy is going well les! ;) love you!