Wednesday, July 28, 2010

12 Weeks

Heart Rate of 148.

We had another doctor's visit today. The baby is now 12 Weeks and 4 days. Our due date is still February 5, which means everything is coming along great. We had a surprise ultrasound today because they had problems finding the heart rate, so just for a peace of mind the doctor had us do an ultrasound. With the ultrasound, they easily found the heart rate. Baby D was just hiding behind a bone. We got more pictures which is always exciting!!! I have gained weight since last time, which is strange since I have been sick, sick, sick. I am 5 pounds above my normal weight now. The sickness should be going away soon, but I am having a hard time believing it at this point. I am nervous about volleyball starting next week because I need to be able to stand a lot but at this point I just can't. Please pray that the nausea will at least decrease by next week and food becomes a good thing again.
In other news, I have recently been not happy with the haircuts that we both have been getting especially for the money that we pay. So after many youtube videos and some nice shears, this is what we got...not bad, right??? Before and after....also, I dropped my blow dryer! hahah!


  1. The haircuts look great! You probably paid for the equipment for less than the cost of two haircuts. Bob and I have been married for thirty-five years and I have been his barber for at least thirty-six years! It is fun to calculate how much we have saved over the years.
    Maybe I should invest in some equipment for Matthew and Andrea! LOL!

  2. Wow, you have to teach me how to cut hair - I would love to save money that way!