Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peak

 Here is a sneak peak into our new home.  Final stuff has not happened yet, but we have accepted an offer so now we are just going through paper work, etc...  The house was built in 1930.  The upstairs is a master suit that was renovated in the early 2000s.  The sun room was also an addition, but we are not sure exactly when it was added on.  The house is in a cute little "trendy" area near downtown. Michael will have a 5 minute commute!!! Which I love because I am a time person, and I would hate to miss any time due to driving.  One of those me things :).  Anyways, it is just a few houses down from a park with a huge playground.  It is 3 beds and 2 you are officially invited to visit everyone!  The homeowner before us really did not do any home staging if you can tell from the pictures, but once it is cleared out with fresh paint and a little yard work it is as good as new...except for the 1930 aspect ;).  We are super excited and completely in love.  We drive by it about 5 times a day.  Hopefully we will be in there in the next few weeks!
Long drive way for kiddos!!!
The flag will go..don't worry!

Sun Room

Dining Room

Kitchen with gas stove!!! Major plus for me.

Backyard...needs some TLC.

Bedroom number 1...Insert Name Here's Room

Bedroom 2...Ellison's Room

Master Closet


View from the back

I love this stinking cute fireplace

Master Suite

We will post better pictures as we decorate our place, but there is a little sneak peak.  Good bones just needs a little TLC.  Beyond excited to settle down for a while.  And Ellison gets a room!!!  Woohoo!


  1. So excited for you guys, congrats!!

  2. LOVE IT!! So happy for you guys :]

  3. This house is adorable! Seems to have so much character!

  4. This is so awesome!! I love the house! It has so much character and is beyond cute! Hope to come visit sometime;)

  5. you say it needs some when shall we come??? ;) Love the house, seriously, and that sweet baby- wrong post, but the laughing videos are hysterical, especially the gurgle action.