Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hospital Stay and Coming Home looks like we are now a family of three. And we love it! We love being parents of our beautiful baby girl, but most of all we like being parents together! This has been a quick time of change in our lives and not always easy, but overall, completely worth every moment. We are learning, and not close to perfect but getting there. Our first night home alone was long and challenging, but we made it through. Night two was much better and we were all able to get enough rest. We are amazed at the gift that God has given us; to raise and love our little Ellison. Here are some pictures from the rest of our hospital stay and our first two days home.
Ellison playing with daddy.

I could watch Michael hold Ellison forever!
Ellison and I sleeping. We do this a lot!

Pretty flowers from our Aunt Lisa and Christy!

Meeting Grandpa and Nana! We were able to meet most everyone via skype from the hospital! The internet is awesome!

I get to go home today. We left Thursday afternoon from the hospital which was pretty early, but since we had been there since Monday and everyone was doing good, we decided to head out.

Arriving at home! Not so happy.
I think this is the cutest thing ever!
This is her favorite position especially for burping, but, in general, always happy being held this way. No, we aren't choking her, just letting her be. I can't believe how little she is.Getting all dressed up for Nana Lynn and Grandpa Carl to arrive in a few hours. We are very thankful to have my parents come and stay with us for the next week! Yeah! I love this sweet baby girl!

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