Friday, May 18, 2012

My new camera and me is official!  I am a proud owner of a digital SLR! And if you couldn't tell, I am just a little excited.  And yes, I paid completely in gift took me two years hah!  I saved every Target gift card that I have received (Christmas, birthday, etc...) and with the help of couponing at Target...I mean, buy two boxes of diapers and get a 10 dollar giftcard...well, I DID IT!  When I went to Target to combine all my cards into one...the girl just looked at me like "seriously?".   I just smiled and it was great.  For a while, I thought that there was no way, but they kept adding up and boom!  I got a Cannon T3i with a 18-55mm lens and a 50-250mm lens. Plus, it didn't even touch the monthly budget, so double boom boom! Obviously, I am still learning, but I'm learning and loving it.  It has taken me a while to get some pictures up on the blog because we have had some computer issues, but hopefully, we are back up and running again. 

Enjoy. O and why not...I'll throw in some 15 month updates!

I mean look at her eye lashes!

This is my ..."I want that" look

Love my Zebra. 

And making a stinker face!

I still have blue eyes, but my hair is turning blonde!  O and I'm pulling it out now.
Yeah, I like to get my way.
But I'm pretty happy most of the time.

I still take two naps...most days :).

I laugh a lot...especially when dada is home.

I love friends and getting/giving hugs to them...or when they are about to chase me around the house.  Ps...notice her front two teeth.  Yeah, we chipped them on the bath tub and had to get them shaved down a bit.  Kinda rainbowed now, but I still have a beautiful smile!

I am 19.5 lbs and 29 inches tall...petite,but healthy and growing.
I love to play in the sunshine.
And I always play with my toes (she so got this from me!)


  1. So sweet! thanks for the update! She is looking so cute and big!
    We want to get a new camera too. After you use it a while, let me know if you would recomend it.
    Oh yeah and WAY TO GO GIRL... not hitting the monthly budget is awesome.

  2. Ellison is beautiful!! I need to see you all pronto. Let's plan a Brown trip to Chattanooga!!!

    1. Yes yes yes yes yes please! Call me when you are off this summer and we will catch up!