Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday with a One Year Old

I think that we accomplished more last Sunday before 9:30am than I have ever accomplished that early on a Sunday.  We decided to join a few other families at the 7:30am service since of course we are already up and had breakfast anyways.  Ellison did great in the service (mainly because she ate a bag a cheerios and two boxes of raisins..hah).  We are just loving our church right now... the music, the worship, the fellowship...finally starting to kinda like this town called Chattanooga.   This Easter service was different than any other that I have ever been too.  It reminded me of a typical Christmas Eve service, which is my favorite day of church each year, so it was awesome...just worship filled with scripture readings. 

After the service, we went to a local park that was having a 100,000 egg hunt at 9:00am. There was even a section for 0-2...thank goodness because even that section was a little overwhelming.  Ellison did great with the whole Easter egg thing.  Except for at this age, they don't really get taking them for themselves, so it was like tons of babies just putting eggs in whatever basket they were closest too.  Kinda adorable.  And the great part, was that we were home by 9:30am...aka naptime! 
Getting ready to go

Daddy trying to teach her to put it in the basket...we probably should have practiced :)

Woohoo...we figured it out!

Love this picture because that is what actually happened...and no, we don't know those cute kiddos.

Family photo at the park

And of course that afternoon, we had our own little family Easter egg hunt.  Since candy is definitely a no for my kiddo right now...says mama...I wanted to try something else fun for the hunt.  So I filled all the eggs with different stuff that would she could shake to make noise.  I filled them with buttons, pennies, rice, beans, mulch, rocks...you name it.  Michael and I had fun putting these together.  Of course, we taped them shut so she could not open them.  She LOVED it!  We have been playing Easter egg hunt everyday since. 

Our family hunt...notice the grass aka we have some now!


  1. What a cute idea (again), filling the eggs with things she can shake. I am going to have to try that next year for Jaythan. It looked like you guys had a lot of eggs to pick up at the park...wow!

  2. Cute idea! (This would be an original thought, but Mrs. Cherry seems to often beat me to be the first to comment on friends' blogs, lol.) Miss you guys!

  3. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award because I love you!!