Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What we have been working on...

Ellison's birthday is coming up which is crazy and scary and exciting all rolled up into one.  And of course, the question pops up what are we going to get this awesome little person for her very first birthday.  Well, my practical mind said "she won't know any different.  lets just get her the new car seat."  Bore.  Then my thought was toys, but I think someone got a little spoiled at Christmas from family and well, we don't really need any.  There was this little closet in her room that was underneath the stairs.  It was mostly unfinished, but you can tell that the previous owners kids used to play in there.  If she was older that would be great, but not for a toddler.  So we decided to refinish the closet and make a fun play space/reading nook/fort all-in-one that she and the other kiddos can play in for years to come!

This is the current closet. 
 Things that needed to be done:

1.  Take away outlet (not kiddo safe) and replace with a light switch.  Complete the electrical work for ceiling lights. 

2.  Finish dry walling the space.  Re-mud the existing drywall.

3.  Connect ceiling lights.

4.  Paint

5.  Rip out old carpet, and add new carpet.

6.  Accessorize :).  Shelving/cubbies, floor pillows, etc...

So far, we have completed ripping out the old carpet.  It was nasty and had probably never been cleaned.  That took all of 10 minutes.

Also, we completed the electrical work.  We knew in advance that the electrical would be the most time consuming and tricky of them all.   Good news is that Michael's dad is a licensed electrician, so he grew up knowing a good bit of electrical stuff.  Plus if we have questions, then we have a licensed electrician on speed dial :).  I will say that this process took way more time than expected.  It was definitely a learning experience, and a little bit of trial and error.  I know way more than I did before, but honestly, I would only make a 50 if I was tested, so the details won't be mentioned here.  
It worked!!!

We have also cut the drywall.  It goes up tonight!

Hopefully by the end of the week, we will have the drywall up, painted walls, carpet on the floors(if it comes in on time), and lights connected!  We are kinda falling in love with home improvement projects these days, especially fun ones like this! Stay tuned for the final product!


  1. What a great idea! Growing up my friends had one of these in their house and it was our favorite place to play. Make sure you put up the final results!

  2. We have some friends that did this for their little girls - they LOVE it. Ellison and her friends will love it :]