Monday, November 7, 2011

Ellison's Nursery

 That is right...after a long awaited place to actually live, Ellison now has her very own room!  It seems silly to think that this would be such an important aspect, but it was harder than you think to not have an actual place for your baby to come home to that was set aside for her.  I mean I guess she had a corner in the office for a while and a spot next to the TV for a while and half of the dining room for a while.  I actually felt guilty having her sleep for the first few months in a room with computers and wires and such.  Then living next to the TV for quite a while in the living room.  Not that I wanted this perfect little nursery, I just wanted a place that was quiet and peaceful for our little baby.  I guess that is what they call the nesting instinct and I got it...BAD.  Not that she will ever know of all the funny places she has slept (office, living room, dining room, closet), but it was more of a fact that I wanted to provide the best for her. I've dreamed of what her first room would be like and I am happy to say that I got pretty close to that dream.  We are super proud of all the work we put into her room.
Here is the before picture.  Notice brown walls, brown ceiling, spacing between the molding and the ceiling, huge hole for a ceiling fan that ran by remote.

Our first step in completing her room was to fill in that gap between the molding and the ceiling.  It took about 5 tubes of putty, but I think that the final project looks worlds better than before.  None of the other rooms in the house have this issue, so we are not sure why this one did.  Hmmm...o well, fixed now.

As for color, we went with a bright light blue.  I knew that I wanted to incorporate that color along with the pink bedding that we received.  I considered gray, but I am wanting grayto be used throughout our house and I wanted to mix it up in her room.

The light fixture was quite the issue.  The ceiling fan that was originally in there looked nice at first glance, but after some time, we realized that the motor wasn't the best and that it was run by remote.  Yes, you heard me remote.  Personnally, I think tacky.  And there wasn't a way to not make it not generated by a remote.  That is just how it was made.  So we said bye to the fan, and we are hoping to find another home for him soon.  I started looking for cheap ceiling fixtures, so I started with looks that I loved.  So yeah, I went to West Elm.  This one is currently $119.  Well, that is out of the picture.

For a while, I decided that I was going to make my own drum pendant light in white, but it started to get expensive when we had absolutely nothing to start with but an empty hole.  One day, I was in Target just walking around, and I saw that they had drum pendant lights for just under $40.  So that is basically a steal for a modern look!  We love it.  Did you all know that Target made light fixtures because we sure didn't.

Next, we focused on curtains.  With high ceilings, it looks best to hang the rods high, which meant that we needed 96" curtains.  I considered making my own, but ended up deciding to go with all white which I was able to find at Target as well.  The reason I didn't go for making my own patterned curtains was simply for the fact that it would be overwhelming in a room made of two large window walls.  O yeah...we also hung up faux 2" blinds from lowes.  *These blinds smell like gas when you open them.  Do not worry and take your family outside to wait on the gas company to come.  It will go away.  Not that we did this just saying. :)

Next, was wall art.  I made these pictures a while back (see link here).  I ended up putting them in white frames.  5x6 frames are relatively expensive, so I found some plastic brown frames on sale at Target for $1.73 a piece...clearance baby!  With a little sand and white spray paint...I ended up with this cute look.  Also, I used the monogramed letter above her crib as well.  Also, I made the flower balls above her bed.  I used the tutorial found here from the House of Smiths.  How did she know my color scheme?  Yes, I had already decided the colors before I found this tutorial.  Good minds think alike :).

We finished off the room with a white shag rug, an old chair that was in my room in high school, and a cute little duck that Ellison received as a gift when she was born.  The colors in the duck go great!

We do plan to eventually get a dresser in here, but for now, we are happy.  Plus, I want to add some art work/possibly pictures above the chair.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. You are so creative! I just love how you made that “E”. Love the pictures and enjoy keeping up with the blog. Your family is beautiful. I will email you back soon. Thanks for the uplifting words!