Friday, July 8, 2011

Khaki Shorts

So Fridays, I do laundry. During her morning nap, I separate all the clothes from the week, and put them into separate NCState reusable grocery bags. I get them in the car with a baggie of quarters. Ellison wakes up, she eats, and then we go the apartment laundry room. When we moved in, I was dreading doing laundry because we didn't have our own, but honestly, I don't really mind. It gets us out of the house, and in one hour 10 minutes all my clothes are washed and dried just ready to be folded. I actually like doing laundry. There is nothing like a warm load just out of the dryer. Well, out of the dryer came three pairs of khaki shorts. It made me smile so I thought I would share. There are a lot of things that I do not know in my life, but I do know that I love this family thing going on! God has a plan for each of our lives that we could not have guessed if we tried. It is exciting and scary that is for sure.
Guess what??? Ellison is going to get a nursery soon!!!! We will be moving to a 2 bedroom soon, and she will get her own room, which means I have plenty of summer projects to work on now. Here is her mobile. I painted all the animals (with a stencil). Put on a little ribbon and bam, mobile. Michael actually gave me this picture mobile back in college, so I am just transforming it for Ellison's room.
Hope you like!

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