Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello all!

So as most of you know we have both been looking for jobs, and trying to figure out where in the world we were going to live and work once Michael graduated.  This has been a long and challenging process for Michael and I.  Sleepless nights, crying (that would be me), stressing out (both), and frustration.

Here is the story, back in August we started talking/praying about this.  We prayed specifically for open doors and closed doors, and a way to provide for our new family of three.  We also prayed to specifically be closer (1/2 days drive) to family.  Michael worked (perfected) his resume and started applying for jobs.  How hard could this be right?  Well, he had his first bites February 9th.  Notice that was the day after Ellison was born, and we were just chilling in the hospital.  I think this was God's way of comforting us.  I was on drugs and Michael was talking with interviewers in the hospital bathroom.  haha  Just picture it!  Well, all of those conversations plus the combination of job fairs led to 3 possibilities, Atlanta, GA, Plano, TX and Chattanooga, TN.  Tennessee was our backup plan because it was "only" an internship.  But after no calls back after 2 interviews with each company, we realized that the "backup" plan was becoming reality.  (Really, you aren't even going to call after two interviews...just make us wait!)   Talk about closed doors.

Anyways, we continued to pray and trust.  A few other possibilities arose, but they never went through.  Door shut.  Well, once May got here and the "backup" plan was ending in August, I started to apply to schools in Raleigh.  That is where we decided would be a good place.  We have tons of friends, two hours from our families and great schools/churches.  So Michael and I began to narrow our search.  I got a job, a really good job, in early July...woohoo!  But is that really what we  Not that I wasn't excited or extremely grateful; we both wanted Michael to have the job first.  So to our knees we continually went.  Two weeks after I accepted the job, Michael gets called in by his manager letting him know there was possibility of a job.  A week later, there is a contract in the works.  It looks like Michael is going to be an actuary for Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN.  I did have to back out on that school that I accepted.  It was the first day that I felt like I was going to hurl since the morning I gave birth to Ellison.  I never would have accepted if I would have known, but what was I to do. 

I personally am much happier with this situation.  Michael is much happier with this situation.  We are sad about not having well any friends here, but it is still close and obviously this is where the Lord wants us to be.  He gave Michael a heart to provide for his family, so this is the right choice as for now.  We are trusting that we will soon find a good church body to plug into.  As for me, I may actually get to stay home.  What Leslie not work???  Well, I will probably get a side gig of some sort (nanny, tutor, etc), but yeah, I no...surprise, but I have had a change of heart since this little one braced us with her presence.  I am thankful for the opportunity to focus on being a mom.  It is kinda my favorite right now.  Working those two months back in April and May let me know how much I just wanted to be with my sweet girl.  And lets be honest is a teacher's salary worth paying for childcare?  Hardly. Plus, we have fallen in love with it here.  I mean I know you've seen the pictures!  Kinda great right!

Through this process, we have had to rely so much on our Lord to provide.  We have felt completely helpless, and we are thankful to know that we are not the ones that are ultimately in control.  We are excited about what is to come.  Life is certainly not what you expect, and I could not have planned it myself if I tried.


  1. I am so thrilled for yall! The Lord is definitely faithful to provide. I am sad yall won't be in Raleigh, but that just gives Brandon and I an excuse to venture to Chattanooga. Love you all!

  2. So exciting!! I'm so glad you are able to stay at home with that sweet baby! It's amazing to see how everything has worked out for ya'll! Missing your sweet family! I love watching Ellison grow! If not in person, by blog;)