Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Months

Here are some pictures from the past week.  So this first video is kinda long, but it shows so many new expressions.  She has a new nose scrunch/smile, always has a foot in hand, she is starting to enjoy sounds, and loves sucking in her bottom lip.  Grandparents enjoy :)

We also went to a watering hole last weekend.  The water felt amazing and was so clear.

 I love a good sleeping baby!  Booty in the air :)

Ellison was out and Micheal was studying.  Wonderful Saturday Morn.

 We took a two hour hike this Saturday to nothing.  We were supposed to go to a waterfall, but it was covered by trees so we never saw it.  But there was this great overlook along the way.  It is so gorgeous here.

 This is how we eat dinner now.  We usually only see eyes and hands.  She grabs, throws, then grabs again.  It is a "fun" game we play.

Big life decisions will be made in the next week (we hope) aka where we are going to live, etc...  Please pray for wisdom, patience, trust and a calm and rational Leslie.  We will update more very soon.

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