Saturday, June 18, 2011

Texas to Tennessee

Well I guess it is about time for an update.  We have been just a little busy over the past few weeks.  Michael finished his masters at A&M.  I finished up work at Snook.  We moved to Chattanooga, TN for the summer for Michael's internship.  Ellison got to meet basically every one else in her family!  Michael has now worked two weeks for Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Many, many firsts happened in the last few weeks!  We are loving Chattanooga!  Maybe we will live here? As a heads up...these are not in order and very random.
First trip to the pool!  Every time we have been, she just falls asleep. 

O yeah...I'm teething.  Just yesterday, I think we may have had a breakthrough!!! 

We used diapers as padding for our boxes!  We are kinda resourceful :).

Ellison's ready to go.

Naptime in Chattanooga!  Just a glimpse of our backyard view from our apartment.  I'll post more pictures of Chattanooga later.

She found her feet.  It is her favorite toy now!

This is how she sleeps.  Is this normal with the head whipped back?  It kinda freaks Michael and I out.  Comments much appreciated.

Nothing better than a slepping baby!  I love these times.

Taking a break from laundry.

Grandpa Steve!!! 

First time!  Almost....

There it is!


Aunt Laura!

Uncle Carson!

Great Grandpa Frank and Grandma!


Uncle Brad!

Great Grandma Dorothy!

Aunt Christy!

Aunt Lisa!  Gotta love the matching outfits!

Cousin Jacob!

One more foot picture!  Just love it!  PS...this was at the dinner table!
Prayers for future plans would be great.  We have no idea where we will end up next come August.  We are kinda fun if you want to hire us. :)


  1. Love the picture of her on top of the boxes! Just take Ellison to any job interviews and you'll nail it.

  2. Love the pictures, Girl!! And yes, it is normal for babies to sleep all contorted. Won't hurt her a bit. At that age, they're pretty much made of rubber. ;) No worries. Thank you for blogging! We love keeping up with y'all! Miss you!