Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Let me just say one thing...Chattanooga is not just railroads (yes there is a lot of them), but tons of other stuff to do.  The city is next to a river and it is surrounded by the mountains.  Basically, Chattanooga is absolutely gorgeous.  It has a great downtown with more local businesses than chains.  There are tons a walking/running paths downtown near the river.  It is probably the safest large city that I have ever been in.  I have been going walking down there during the week with Ellison, and there are always tons of moms with their kiddos, kids off for summer break, or older couples just taking a morning stroll.  Also, everyone talks to you here.  Eye contact with almost everyone you meet, and about half the time a small conversation is started, which I LOVE!  Hey south...I've been missing you.

Anyways, we have decided that since we may only be here for a short time, that we should do something fun every weekend, but with not a clear outlook on jobs, we are doing it as cheap as possible.  This weekend cost $6!  It looked as if it was going to rain, so we thought taking Ellison on her first hiking trail should wait.  We packed up the stroller and headed downtown.  We paid for parking ($3), and headed out.  There was a small market near the river that we walked through.  We walked across the river on a pedestrian only bridge (largest one by the way), and then just explored some of the local shops, restaurants, and parks.  After a quick lunch at home and realizing that the rain was going to hold off, we went up to Signal Mountain, which is the mountain off of our exit.  We just went to the overlooks and looked at the houses.  Every house here is unique, and kinda reminds me of downtown Statesville for all of you Statesvillians!  They are tucked away in there own little mountain retreat.  After 3 weeks of bed rest watching HGTV all day, I am kinda in heaven. :)  I will post Signal Mountain pictures another time.  My camera died.  Along the drive, we had to get icecream (of course) and that was our other $2.  That night we stayed in because of the storms and watched a movie ($1).  It was a great first weekend and a great first father's day for Michael!

Ellison posing in her Father's Day outfit!

We just love all of the new expressions!

This is the building where Michael works.  You can see it from anywhere downtown.

Passed a group of teenagers.  People think we can't hear them talking about our baby.  Quote "That baby is laid out!"  hahha

Art Museum

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