Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're moving to ....

...Chattanooga, TN, or at least for the summer.  Michael got an internship with blue cross blue shield of TN for 10 weeks over the summer.  After the internship, we have no clue.  We are trusting in the Lord to provide and we know something will work out, but for now, TN here we come!  

And of course some baby pics from the last few weeks. :)
This is my favorite part of the day.  Rocking my sweet girl to sleep.  She has done great since I have gone back to work.  Asleep by 9 and up at 6!  Go Ellison!
After seeing a picture of cousin Max in his chair, we though we should pull it out and try too.  Here are some pictures from this morning.  We are still working on head control, but it was fun.  All smiles!

And some smiling videos from the last few weeks.  Too fun!

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  1. We will miss y'all! We're excited for where & how the Lord is leading your precious family. You are in our prayers. Please keep blogging so that we can stay "connected". We always enjoy the pictures & updates. God Bless!