Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Update

Her little hand
Profile of her face. Notice the big lips :).

Today, we are at 34 Weeks and 4 days. We had an ultrasound and were able to see our little girl once more. Yes we have another verification that she is a girl!!! She is 5 lbs 4 oz with a normal heart rate. At our appointment today, my blood pressure was extremely high so they admitted me to the hospital to monitor my blood pressure and take some other tests for the next two hours. Everything turned out fine/normal and my blood pressure immediately dropped to normal for the two hours of tests. The doctor joked "Did we just stress you out?". And I think that is partially true. Every appointment is filled with suggestions but with no real help on how to help my nausea, so honestly I have come to almost dread these appointments. We love our doctor, but we are both just frustrated with the many aspects of pregnancy that are just out of our control. It seems like every appointment is filled with an extra test, never a "everything looks good." Not that there is a lot to worry about because I keep passing the tests, but it is frustrating to be out of control of so much. We have another appointment Monday, and depending on the outcome, depends on whether I am able to continue working for a bit longer or not. Prayers for a good appointment would be much appreciated. All in all, our little girl is going to hang in there a little longer. We can't wait to meet her :)!

Christmas pictures to come soon!

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