Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weekend Together

This weekend, Michael and I had a weekend long date! After busy semesters and a baby on the way, we decided to plan a weekend semi-getaway. We went to three shows...yes three! Friday in Houston, we saw Stars at Fitzgeralds (one of the coolest venues I've been too). Saturday we slept in and watched the Wolfpack take down UNC. Then we headed to Austin for the night. We had a nice dinner at Carabbas, then we went to see the Weepies at Momo's, which was my highlight for the weekend! They were as amazing as I thought they would be! We stayed in Austin that night, and the next day toured the city. It was nice to actually see some leaves turning and hills! We saw the state capitol and walked around some of the parks by the river. For lunch, we met up with a couple we met here in College Station, Dan and Eidith. We had a nice lunch at their place, and were able to see their little boy...who is beyond precious! That afternoon, we were basically exhausted, so we took a nap on top of a parking deck in the middle of downtown and saw the sun set over the city. It was beautiful and being preggers and all, I needed a little nap before the next show. Sunday night, we ate at the Iron Cactus, which I highly recommend! It was amazing weather, so we ate rooftop. That night, we saw Mae's final show at Emo's. It was the perfect show to end the weekend. They were amazing! Yes we did have to work Monday, but don't worry, it was all worth it! Here are some pics from the weekend...Stars

The weepies

On the roof at Momo's

Texas Capital


Last night we had a mini Thanksgiving meal, so I could try out some recipes! Excited for the real deal!

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