Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baby D

Most everyone knows by now that Michael and I are going to have a baby!!!! We found out on our trip (actually the first day!), but decided to keep it quiet until we returned home and went to the doctor. This past week, we had our first doctor's visit. We had our first ultrasound which was the most amazing experience! In case you were wondering...there really is a baby in there!

Here are some pictures of our little baby :)No, that isn't a twin just how he/she gets food.This shows the heart rate of 169!

So here are the answers to all the questions that we have been asked so far...

What is the due date? Feb. 5, 2011

How have you been feeling? Well, during the trip wasn't that bad. The last week in Colorado was the sickest I was on the whole trip, but still relatively good compared to now. This past week, I have slept on average 12 hours a day, and get sick up until lunch. The good news is that during the afternoons until bed I feel great! The doctor gave me medicine, but I am not convinced it actually helps but just makes me tired. Since I have been getting sick, I actually have not gained any weight yet, but actually lost about 5 pounds at my first appointment. Backwards? In all, this will pass and I am thankful that it is happening in the summer!

Where you planning on getting pregnant? I think that I am not going to answer this question anymore for a few reasons. The first being that I never want to call my baby a surprise because I am pretty God had this little baby in mind for much longer than I can possibly imagine, and two because I just don't think it is important! All that matters is that in less than 9 months we will have three in the Dearman clan!

Are you going to find out if it is a boy or girl? Yes! I mean if you know me at all you know that I hate surprises which is kinda ironic coming after the last question...right :)

Is Michael still going to school? Of course, this is the reason we are down here. He has his schedule planned so that hopefully the spring semester is a lighter load than the fall.

Are you going to work? Yes. I plan to take maternity leave starting the day we have the baby, but after six weeks plus spring break, I do plan to go back to work. Michael will hopefully be able to watch the baby during the day with a temporary sitter as needed to finish up the school year.

Are you moving back to North Carolina? Well, as for this year we are here. This is our home for the present and where the Lord has provided us with jobs. After the end of next school year, we will see where the Lord takes us. We never thought we would end up here, but it has obviously been the right place during this time in our lives. Even though I get jealous of missing out on things in NC, for now Texas is home.

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