Sunday, June 27, 2010

California and Colorado

We are now home from our trip. After not feeling so well in the car, Michael drove me all the way home yesterday. This has been the most amazing trip. I have loved every moment that I have been able to share with my hubby of 1 year now! We have also got to see the majority of both of our families...of course we did not see all but we are thankful for those we were able to see.

After leaving the Redwoods in California, we headed down highway 1 to San Francisco. We spent the afternoon there and of course had crab out on the warf. That night we stayed in a KOA just south of San Francisco.

The next day we headed to Las Angeles. Were we spent two days with Bill and Ann and their two children (Michael's uncle). We saw Hollywood and Santa Monica pier. It was fun to spend some time in the sun after all the cool weather we had.

After LA we made the long drive to Colorado. We split the drive into two days. We stayed at a campground right outside Trout Lake in Colorado. This was a special place for Michael and I because our youth group used to always make a stop here on our Mission Trips to Arizona. It was fun to come back married! :)

Then we headed to Estes Park, Colorado. The whole Dunkin family was there minus my sister. We missed her so much! It was absolutely gorgeous and we had tons of snow and ulk!

It is weird to be home, but I am thankful for my own bed! Ok well time for real life to set in...excited to see where it takes us next!

Pictures...they are out of order and I have no idea why!

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