Friday, June 11, 2010

Chicago and Trip to South Dakota

We have done a lot in just a few days. So I will make this brief but update for you all as much as I can.

We stopped in Chicago for just a few hours. We walked around Millinium park, then shared a deep dish pizza.

That night we stayed in Sioux Fall, SD in a KOA. This was supposed to be a casual night just on route to the other side of SD, but turned into quite the adventure. We were in a huge storm about 2 in the morning. The people running the KOA made all of the tent campers come inside to take cover. After 30 minutes we were could go back to our tents, which were thankfully in place, but absolutely soaked! We tried to go to sleep, but the storm even though not as intense was still going on. After about an hour of trying to sleep and me asking Michael if he thought we were going to die!...We decided to go ahead and get showers and head on. While trying to put up the tent it almost blew away. We made it out but as you can see in one of the pictures we ended up in a gastation parking lot asleep. We took turns driving and sleeping that day.

We saw the Corn Palace on the way to the badlands. The badlands were absolutely beautiful. It was really cool outside that day so we were able to get in a long hike, which felt great to get out of the car after awhile. That night we headed to Custer State park. We had an amazing campsite spot right next to a river and stone wall. We had rain showers both night we stayed here but after the storm the night before it didn't even phase us. The next day we spent the entire time in the park. We first went to a wildlife reserve in the park where we saw tons of herds of buffalo and got into a traffic jam with some donkeys! Speaking of buffalo we had a male that loved out campground. He hung out less than 200 yards the majority of the time. I wasn't a fan of that! That afternoon we went on an 8 mile hike where we saw the Cathedral Spires and beautiful views of the black hills. After the hike we went to see Mount Rushmore. For dinner, we bought some buffalo meat and I made buffalo burgers with some spicy cheese that we bought in Wisconsin. They were amazing.

We are headed to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons now for two nights. Sorry for the bad English and I am certain of misspellings, but I am doing this as fast as possible! By the way, we have been married a year today!!!!! Yeah!

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