Saturday, February 27, 2010

We get snow too!!!

Valentines Day's Day at Luigi's.

This Saturday, we ran in a 5k for our church. Michael ran it in 20:33!!!! Really excited for him!

Sunday, February 21...Sunny and beautiful. About 70 degrees and we ran 9 miles for the first time. Averaging about 10 minute miles, but at least we did it. Then we went out for ice cream at this new local place called Spoons, a new favorite!!! Basically, you get a bowl and fill it yourself. You pay based on weight. They have tons of flavors of frozen yogurt and tons of toppings! We love it. I think Spoons will make this summer less miserable.

It takes a lot of roads to run 9 miles!

Tuesday, February 23...It snowed. :) And actually stuck! Very fun and two days later?? All of my students were beyond excited! Michael and I stayed home that night. We made the first fire in our fireplace, and had chili. Followed by a 2 hour delay on turned into a much needed break.

This week, I will have the first two softball games, and our half marathon is on Sunday. Woop woop!

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