Sunday, January 31, 2010

This past month

Hey there blog....long time no see!

This past month, Michael started his second semester of grad school. He is taking applied differential equations, a seminar course, and an analysis class. His T.A. position is being a grader for a abstract algebra class. I am back at work, and have officially started softball season. I think my love of softball will be soley based upon how pretty it is outside that day. Tomorrow, I will hate softball in that it should be freezing, but last week I loved it because it was beautiful. Overall, I am really enjoying learning a new sport. It should be a fun season...we have high expectations for our team!

Michael and I also signed up to run a half marathon March 7th. We are running about 18-22 miles a week. It has been fun training together, and running further than we thought we could. We do not plan on running the whole thing, but we are going to try!

Also this past week, Michael and I had the privilege of being the DJ for the homecoming dance, which seems like a great idea because we love music. This may not have been the best decision for several reasons. The first being that we know nothing about country music; actually we do not even like it, so choosing the appropriate 2 stepping song was not easy. The second being that we grew up in Statesville at a booty dancing school, our expectations of a high school dance may have been skewed for a small town country school dance. Needless to say, Ludacris was not a success as we expected. So how did the dance go you may ask? Well, we played half rap and half country, which was appropriate because there where two groups that fit into these categories. For the rap group though, they did not know how to dance unless there was a move to it like the "Soulja Boy" (aka the electric slide for you none rappers). We were in shock. For the country group, they did the same 2 step country dance songs all night. Once again Texas you amaze us. Sometimes I forget that we actually live here, and then I have that realization again. George Strait followed by Usher at a school dance will forever amaze me!

Ok well that is all for now. Sorry for the long random entry, but I just thought I would keep you updated. Miss you all...have a great snow day tomorrow!

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