Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Celebration Week

Yes this past week was full of celebrations for our family!  Our 3rd anniversary, my 24th birthday, and Michael's second father's day.  Here are some fun pictures...

A sweet friend of ours watched Ellison on my birthday, so that we could go on a date for our anniversary.  We ate on a rooftop restaurant downtown that overlooked the river, then we went to a new Pie restaurant and got, well, pie.  It was fabulous! I forgot my camera though, but it was great to have a date!

Saturday morning, we all ran in a 5k.  I ran with Ellison...and about died, but I finished under 30 minutes! Woohoo...ps we are running a half in the fall! 

Father's Day picnic in the park, and once we let her go towards the water, that was it.  Only the behind from that point on...our little miss independent.

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