Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Traditions

So we live in Chattanooga.  That much I know.  With both our families in the same town that is not in Chattanooga that means that holidays will most of the time be spent on the road to see family.  That is perfectly alright with Michael and I.  We prayed when searching for jobs that the Lord would put us within a half days drive of our families, and well 5 hours is a half days drive and for that we are thankful.  I know that seems crazy to pray for that, but if you would have been my baby doctor and told me when I was pregnant that I could not go home for the holidays then I break out in a crying fit to which I couldn't even control then you would realize the importance for me to be home with family for the holidays. haha o the memories.  My poor doctor.  He felt terrible.  I wish I could apologize and tell him I'm normal, but in reality he was my baby doctor and besides that well awkward.  ok back to the post Dearman! Ps...we went home last year.  Yep, 35 weeks preggo and we made an 18 hour road trip from NC to Texas.  I don't recommend it.  I was admitted into the hospital two days later for high blood pressure then put on bed rest the next week.  Man, I'm stubborn and had crazy hormones.  

Which means that, we need some family traditions that can be for just our family of 5 3 (wishful thinking :))  We are going to start having a family Christmas day before we travel each year.  We had our own family Christmas this past Saturday.  It was super fun.  The first time that Michael and I have actually exchanged gifts since we have gotten married.  We have tried to be financially wise the past few years, and gifts did not fit into that category.  I used our Christmas as an excuse to make some yummy stuff from pinterest as well!

For breakfast, I made mini cinnamon rolls with sausage.  For Ellison, instead of the brown sugar mixture, I added a small layer of cream cheese with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  She had the healthier option for sure.   Then we opened presents.  I've always kinda thought opening presents was awkward in front of a lot of people.  I enjoy it, but still awkward.  The mom end of things is wayyyyy funner! 
Mini Cinnis (Highly Recommend and super easy) with Sausage

I cut these up in small pieces after the picture.

Ellison trying on my scarf in her Christmas PJs from Nana.

For lunch, we took a walk downtown and grabbed some subway.  O and grabbed a few cans of spray paint.  I'll post that later!

Before dinner, we headed to the Saturday night church service.  Afterwards, we made appetizers and watched Elf.  It was a wonderful day to just relax and spend together for the three of us. 
Coconut Chicken Tenders (alright) with Jalapeno Poppers

Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte - Awesome

"Smiling is my favorite :)."

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