Monday, October 10, 2011

Clean House

We have been in our house for a little over a week now.  We absolutely LOVE it!  We are super thankful that the Lord has provided us with this place to live to the next several years.  The last time I posted on the house the pictures where random, blurry and had another person's stuff, but tonight I will show you our blank slate.  The week before we moved in, I came to the house everyday and scrubbed during nap time.  I turned an $4 pack of 18 washcloths completely black by the end of the week, but we got there and now we are moved in.  I will post pictures of the rooms as we get them going. We plan to love this house and make it our own. I posted a few things that we plan to love on in each room. 

Dining Room:
Love - the size and location (between the living room and kitchen)
Needs love - Ceiling and Walls...need I say more o and a huge table for our families

 Downstairs Bath:
Love - Quaint, Currently Clean, Beadboard, Flusher (it pulls up)
Needs Love - Glass to come down, White walls need color, Vanity has a small crack
 Guest Room/Future Kiddos Room: (Ellison's room is very similar.  We are working on it now, so we will post pictures of her first nursery soon!)
Love - Huge room, Tons of light and storage, Original front doors to the house
Needs Love - Doors need to be scrubbed, Brown walls and Ceiling need a color change
Love - Love the light, fun play/family space, beadboard ceiling, floors are in great condition
Needs Love - Front door is way too open, not a fan of the color peach
 Living Room:
Love - Um....all of it!  Fireplace, windows, huge, gold features? (never thought I would like gold, but the antique look has me intrigued)
Needs Love - Paint touchups, but nothing big

Love - Large space, great layout, tons of storage
Needs Love - Color, color, color (we both had a headache after spending the day getting our kitchen together.  i mean yellow is my favorite color but come on!), o yea the big one...appliances

 Master Bedroom:
Love - the size, the angles, the windows, the nooks
Needs Love -  color again, fixtures (there are only two recessed lights on the right half of the room, but a ceiling fan in the middle with no light)

 Master Bath:
Love - the size, connected to the master, only for the masters :) haha.
Needs Love - Honestly color to match the master only in the room with the vanity

 Master Closet:
Love - Size, Layout
Needs love - Carpet (pretty sure their dog used to live in that room), Organization
 Love them :) My lunch dates.
 While my husband was at bowling league, Ellison and I had butternut squash and apple soup.  Hers had a hint of cinnamon, mine had pepper and bacon.  Yummm!
 O yeah...look what Michael found in the crawl space.  Time to get crafty.


  1. So excited for you guys! The house looks amazing and you'll have so much fun making it your own. I sense a lot of painting in your future... :)

  2. Looks like a great place! Congratulations on the new home. Hope you have fun making it yours. Maybe we can come see it sometime. You make Tennessee look amazing. Take care!