Friday, April 9, 2010

A New Car!!!!

Before I tell you about our new car, let's take a minute to remember the Taurus and all of its glory.
Yes, we parted ways with the Taurus a few weeks back, but he lives with a nice family now here in Bryan, TX. I traveled through most of the east coast in it, had some great times, but at 155,000 miles, it was time to say goodbye.Now the new car!!! It is a 2009 Ford Focus SE, silver, with charcoal gray interior. It only has 34,300 miles on it (so far).
Getting the right car was a pain. It took a trip to Houston, visits to seven dealerships in Dallas, and still didn't find it. The last dealership said they "had connections" and could find us what we wanted. We went ahead and started the paper work with them while we were there. Used car extraordinaire Gary (a whole other story in itself) was so convinced he had sold us a car, he made us ring the sales gong!They found a car with what we wanted, and drove from Dallas (~3 hours) just to show us the car. It was the first focus we had seen that hadn't been in a wreck or smoked in or had interior stains. Exactly what we were looking for!


  1. thats awesome! glad you found one! Looks niiiice! :)

  2. Gong!!!! That totally cracks me up! Just saying that word....hahahahaha!!!
    So excited for ya'll!! no telling where that car is going to take you two;)