Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is a shout out to our beloved NC State. 38-31 vs. Pittsburgh We went from restaurant to restaurant until we found a place to turn to the game for us...Buffolo Wild Wings! So over some wings we watched to wolfpack lead us to a victory, which wasn't a surprise because as we all know.... "when it comes to playing Pitt, you've got to get your grown man on!" - DE Willie Young.

Notice the small TV to the left! O yeah...right there!

Ps....we were not the only State fans there watching. There was one other man who we became friends with very quickly.

On another note, Leslie has been off of school for the past two days, which was a much needed break especially before district gets started this next week. I did get to go to the county fair this past week, and watch my students show there chickens! Just love it! Michael is busy studying hard, and so far this semester has been going pretty well for him.

That is all for now. We love you and miss you all!

Leslie and Michael

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