Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First days at A&M

After a long August off, I've finally started graduate school! Don't worry Mom and Dad, I took the traditional first day of school pictures. Leslie got me the inspirational Einstein coffee cup to get me going in the morning. His cup says "I (heart) coffee", and my handle says "Coffee makes me smart." I like the shirt the graduate school gave the incoming grad students. The shirt outlines the continents like a map, and the back reads "The best graduate students from around the world today, the brightest world leaders of tomorrow". Texas has a huge ego if you weren't aware.

Classes are going well. I have one good teacher, one bad teacher, and one crazy, but decent, teacher. Considering usual professors in the math department, I think that's pretty good luck. Oh, and I have an office. Blocker 610. I share it with several other students, but still, an office!

We are almost less than 33 hours away from NC State's opening of college football tomorrow night!!! In case you don't already know, kickoff is at 7:03 (EST) on ESPN against the South Carolina Gamecocks, and is the first game of the college football season. Go Pack!!!

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