Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our week in a glimpse

This week has been more normal so to say. Michael has been busy with his program at A&M, and Leslie has officially passed all the written tests to be a school bus driver.

Steps to obtain a school bus license:

Find the DPS. (Took Leslie an hour and a it is not called the DMV)
Obtain CDL permit. (Took Leslie two tries)
Pass 5 CDL tests. (Took Leslie five different testing times)
After week one, you must take a driving test, and supply your own school bus. (More on this next week!)
So far, six trips to the DPS!

We have also done some fun things around our new place. We will post more pictures in a few days after our couches come on Tuesday!

We attended the newlywed Sunday school at church, and it seems like a great class with a bunch of fun people that we look forward to getting to know better.

Overall, this time has been good for us to just spend time with each other before we meet people and the business starts, as well as just trust in the Lord that He will provide a way for us to serve in our new home. Sometimes the plan seems unsure, but we know that there is a reason for being in Texas and we are ready to do what He has brought us here to do.

We love you all, and miss you dearly!!!! September can't come soon enough for us!

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